Premium Wine Brands’ “The Wine Line” is an awareness campaign promoting responsible consumption of alcohol. The campaign’s message is that it’s important to know just how much wine you’re drinking due to differently shaped wine glasses and service sizes causing variation in alcohol content. Mobile was identified as a key channel to communicate the campaign message via a branded utility app and address the problem of wine drinkers not knowing where “the wine line” was.

Webling's solution? An app which combined touch-based volume measurement with alcohol percentage data to calculate the user’s standard drinks over time.

In a mobile first, the app featured an innovative way of estimating how much alcohol consumers were drinking. By using the smartphone camera to take a snapshot of the glass, then getting them to simply trace the shape of the wine in the glass, the app calculated the volume.

Then, by simply selecting the type of alcohol from a selection in the app, consumers could easily calculate the alcohol content of the glass.

Consumers could then use the inbuilt drink tracker to keep a live record of how many standard drinks they were consuming over time – providing an always-on one-touch guide.

The app strongly delivered on the overall “Wine Line” campaign objective of keeping people informed as to their consumption of alcohol by taking it from a traditional awareness message into an interactive real-world experience at the actual point of consumption. In addition, by featuring Premium Wine Brand’s Jacob’s Creek range while selecting alcohol type, the app also an opportunity to showcase the brand’s product range.

The Wine Line app achieved wide publicity across national and international news media, including over 16 articles in high circulation newspapers, 21 online features, and 19 broadcast pieces and interviews on australian radio. Popular consumer technology portals such as LifeHacker and ITWire also featured the Wine Line app, resulting in a total reach of over 30 million, greatly exceeding expectations for the innovative, world first campaign.